Sheep Without a Shepherd

Sheep Without a Shepherd

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Film type : Cinema films
Investment status : Finish
Recommendation index :   5 star
Subject matter : Drama,Crime
Filming schedule : 2019-12-13

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Li Weijie (Xiao Yang) and his wife, A Yu (Tan Zhuo), have been struggling for years and have two daughters.A rainy night, an accident, broke the peace of the family.Li Weijie, as a father, in order to save his family, he desperately decided to hide the truth...


Sam Quah

Sam Quah

Yang Xiao

Yang Xiao

Zhuo Tan

Zhuo Tan

Joan Chen

Joan Chen

Philip Keung Ho-Man

Philip Keung Ho-Man


Sam Quah/accumulative total box office 1.3 billion.


Yang Xiao/Endgame(2021) ,Detective Chinatown (2015-2019), accumulative total box office 16.8 billion

Zhuo Tan ,accumulative total box office 6.81 billion.

Joan Chen/accumulative total box office 2.73 billion.

Market Analysis

The film highlights

In terms of plot, the film uses the technique of flashback, which makes the film look more turbulent, full of interest and twists and turns.The montage technique is throughout the film

The film, adapted from the Indian film Drishyam, tells the story of a father who uses anti-detection techniques learned in the film to fight against the police in order to defend his daughter.The original film was both critically acclaimed and successful when it was released in India and has been well received in China, where it has received an 8.5 rating on Douban.

For the first time, Xiao Yang has found his correct role positioning. His innocent and pitiful expression hides the sober and unmatched thinking of an adult and a father.This is also one of the biggest points of the film.

In this murder caused by teenage violence, the motivation of the three protagonists is clear: the love of parents.Three outstanding actors, Xiao Yang, Tan Zhuo and Chen Chong, also gave excellent performances under the support of this motivation.

In the film, juvenile delinquency, abuse of public power, the gap between the rich and the poor and other issues are presented.But behind all of these, right and wrong are intertwined, "manslaughter" wants to ask: how to define the edge of right and wrong in the end?


Bonus sharing method: Cinemas dividends

Release Time : 2019-12-13

Production cost ¥250,000,000.00
Transfer ratio ¥250,000,000.00
Remaining share ¥0.00
Box Office ¥1,330,000,000.00
Mini Investment ¥200,000.00

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